“The Polish Mafia”

Monday, April 6, 2020, hosted online at SC Online Sales. Please call with any questions.

Cattle are available for viewing at:
571 FM 887 • Falls City, Tx 78113
Steers can be viewed at anytime, just give us a call…. Conner Jendrusch: 210-887-3338 or Kathy Jendusch: 830-391-6816.

The Polish Mafia Being from a predominately Polish community, our little cattle coalition gets called “The Polish Mafia” quite a bit. It seems only fitting that I call my first steer sale “The Polish Mafia Select Steer Sale”! I’ve got a couple of humdingers in this sale that I am immensely proud of. Let’s start out with the obviously. Many, many people are interested my Brahman, who I fondly call Brrr. He is a big foot, stout made calf that is built right from the ground up. Combine that with his elite look and level lines, we feel like this one could be real special. If you are looking for solid steers packed with muscle, I have two yellow and white paint Exotics that are teddy bear tame! They have beautiful hair and so they are perfect if you want to try your hand at Ft. Worth. Let it be known that the maternal sibs to these two have had great success the past two years. Now, if you’re staying out of the Exotic mess, I don’t blame you. I have many more Americans and a British that I think are great contenders for a brand this year. All in all, I think this set of calves are definitely worthy of a sale. If you are wanting to come and take a look at them, give me a holler at 210-887-3338. I’ll make sure they’re done up all nice and pretty!

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