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Jendrusch Livestock is a small, family based, and hands on cattle and goat operation. Our herds are located about an hour southeast of San Antonio in the small community of Falls City, Texas. In the 15 fifteen years of operation, Jendrusch Livestock has become a business that we can be proud of. One of the greatest things about our herds are the quality genetics they possess. Quality genetics means quality livestock and that is exactly what we want in our herd.

The beautiful powerhouses in our herd have made our donor cow list impeccably long. Each donor gives something special to Jendrusch Livestock as they are the heart and soul of our cattle operation. We invite you to get to know some of our queens located on our donor page. The rigorous bulls here at Jendrusch Livestock are no slouch either. Our clean-footed, robust bulls let’s our ladies do all the work and fills in where it’s necessary. Please see our Bull page to see our dynamic, testosterone driven bulls.

Jendrusch Livestock offers many breeds in the show cattle industry. Within our cattle operation, we offer show steers, heifers, embryos, and semen. Please see our sale page for upcoming availability in our private treaty!

Jendrusch Livestock also has a booming goat herd that gets better every year. After the purchase of our buck Outlier, our does have been producing the best of offspring. Pairing Jendrusch Livestock’s thick and powerful nannies with Outlier’s clean and elegant show appeal, is a fantastic way to get the quality you want in a show goat. Through genetic pairings like these, Jendrusch Livestock has also produced two quality driven bucks. These bucks have already proven themselves by producing Champion show quality offspring. Check out our powerful and feminine nannies along with our fantastic bucks on our Goat page. Show goats and does will also be available for sale on our Sale page.

Customer satisfaction is also a great priority to Jendrusch Livestock! We love making customer relationships and assisting help to those who seek it. Seeing how an animal from our herd has turned out is a true reward from the results of our labor.


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